Drilling Courses

The Academy of Career Training offers the following Drilling courses which are all employment based:


Resource Industry Sector (RII)

Drilling Operations

  • RII20915 Certificate II in Drilling Operations
  • RII31815 Certificate III in Drilling Operations
  • RII40915 Certificate IV in Drilling Operations
  • RII50615 Diploma of Drilling Operations


Drilling Oil and Gas (on-shore)

  • RII21115 - Certificate II in Drilling Oil/Gas (On shore)
  • RII32018 - Certificate III in Drilling Oil/Gas (On shore)
  • RII41115 - Certificate IV in Drilling Oil/Gas (On shore)
  • RII50815 - Diploma of Drilling Oil/Gas (On shore)

Well Servicing Operations

  • RII21215 - Certificate II in Well Servicing Operations
  • RII32218 - Certificate III in Well Servicing Operations
  • RII41215 - Certificate IV in Well Servicing Operations
  • RII51015 - Diploma of Well Servicing Operations

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Please Note: These courses are offered as either full RPL Services or as Employer-based Traineeships.