Manage Conflict

Course Description (non-accredited short course)

This unit covers the knowledge and skills required to deal effectively with conflict in the workplace. How do you keep your cool, stand your ground and positively resolve conflict? We all can learn more tricks of the trade.

Course Content

This course divides the content into 4 x 2 hour sessions which can build upon each other or stand alone.

  1. What do I want and How do I get it? (Ask for -- and get – what you want)
    • How to say the right thing in tough situations – Positive talk
    • Assertive feedback
  2. What are the stages of conflict?
    • Take swift and tactful action to prevent escalation
  3. Positively resolve conflict
    • What is your conflict management style?
    • What are the options for resolution?
  4. What are your values and what are the organization values?
    • What do you fight for and what do you let go?
    • How do you resolve conflict and work as a team?


8 hours face-to-face (4 x 2 hr workshops. 4 Stand – alone events or 1 x 8 hour day) supplemented by self-paced learning and on-the job application.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements. Cost includes individual study materials and support after class for self-paced learning. Students must provide writing materials.

Course Award

Upon completion of the self – pace material, the individual will be awarded a Statement of Participation.

Career Opportunity

Managing conflict within a workplace situation is of major importance in working with others and working in a team. This unit can be applied to many training packages in any workplace that requires working with others.


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